16 Feb 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's

I used:
China Glaze For Audrey
Special white polish

This colour was created by China Glaze to commerate Audrey Hepburn's movie,
obviously in the signature blue robin colour of Tiffany's

I adore this colour!
Although it does remind me of baby boys.


I used:
Essie Cocktail Bling
Special Bronze Polish

I realise that this one is really subtle,
and in my opinion would look much better with a strong special polish colour
but then what place would the subtle special polish have in this world if we all used strong colours?

Gone Gonzo!

Isn't this just fabulous?

I don't know why but it goes into all time favorites.

I like the print very much, it goes on very very smoothly.

I used:
OPI Gone Gonzo
Special Black Polish

I put off using this polish for a really long time after buying it.
Mostly because it is one of those glitter polishes that take forever to remove if you don't use the aluminium foil method.

It's quite nice but i think with a base coat would show off the glitter much better!

Velvet Cushion

Decided to do one with a girly flare.

Doesn't it remind you of velvet cushions?

I used:
OPI Privacy Please
Special Black Polish
Butter Matt Topcoat

9 Feb 2012


Can you believe I did this in Vietnam


10 usd?

It includes, removing my old polish, clearing up my cuticles with a new pair of cuticle cutter which i get to keep, nail polish and black tip?

all for 10 usd?

Usually the cuticle cutter by itself is already 10 bucks -.-



This colour combi is nice, but not my type...

i like the pattern, as usual from Red Angel plates, stamping on the entire design was quite effortless.

I used:
CG Papaya Punch
Special light blue polish



I like! Looks like tattoos eh?

I must try this with matted nude colour polish, maybe it'll look like i tattooed my nails.

I used: NFU oh 66